Endometriosis, pelvic pain, period cramps: how CBD can help

Endometriosis, pelvic pain, period cramps: how CBD can help

CBD also provides relief for abdominal diseases and complaints

Up until a few years ago, a large part of the population was unfamiliar with endometriosis – hardly anyone knew the term. This is changing thanks to a lot of educational work: According to the German Endometriosis Association, estimates of the occurrence of the abdominal disease currently vary between 8% and 15% of all women in the period between puberty and menopause. That doesn't sound like much at first, but it includes up to 40,000 new cases per year in Germany. This makes endometriosis the second most common gynecological disease1.

This is endometriosis and how CBD oil can relieve the symptoms

The name of the disease comes from the term “endometrium”, which means the lining of the uterus. In those affected, tissue resembling the lining of the uterus forms outside the uterus. This can happen in the ovaries, the cervix, the urinary bladder or the large intestine. Just like the actual uterine lining, this tissue is subject to a hormonal cycle and is therefore also rejected by the body, which leads to bleeding. The disease is accompanied by various symptoms, but very often with severe pain during and outside of the period - in the abdomen or all over the body. The consequences of so-called endometriosis foci are often chronic inflammation, scarring of the tissue and adhesions of varying severity. Bleeding in the uterus and abdominal cavity is also common, and infertility is not uncommon. Today it is known that about 40-60% of women who remain childless have endometriosis. Even if CBD oil does not fight the cause, the active ingredient can help with diseases and complaints in the course of the disease and the actual period - and provide relief.

CBD oil for endometriosis: this is how pain therapy works

CBD oil can regulate pain and have a positive effect on the perception of pain. The cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant are combined with a carrier oil and used for medical purposes in pain therapy - including endometriosis. CBD oil is used by those affected by endometriosis to relieve their symptoms, the herbal alternative is currently becoming increasingly popular in contrast to medical painkillers. Studies have shown that CBD acts directly on the nervous and inflammatory systems to help relieve pain. In the context of the control mechanism of pain and endometriosis, there is still a need for research. However, a lot has already been done on the subject.

CBD oil for endometriosis: the connection with the endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system is part of the nervous system. Its components include the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, as well as endogenous endocannabinoids that bind to and activate the receptors. CBD oils also bind to these receptors and in the case of pain, it can be relieved. With regard to endometriosis, a connection with the endocannabinoid system is also assumed.

Studies: This is what research says about CBD oil for endometriosis

Previous studies show that cannabidiol can also help in the context of widespread abdominal diseases: Its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect relieves many typical symptoms. A survey of endometriosis sufferers revealed that 41.54% had consumed CBD oil for pain relief. Over half (56.49%) found CBD oil to be somewhat helpful to very helpful for endometriosis2.

Meaningful studies on patients with medical evidence are still lacking, but scientists are of the opinion that cannabinoids activate the endocannabinoid system and thus have a promising effect in the treatment of endometriosis pain3. The diverse positive effects of using CBD, which affect the entire body, should justify testing it for painful period symptoms.

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