Losing weight with cannabidiol: how does CBD help with weight loss?

Losing weight with cannabidiol: how does CBD help with weight loss?

Promote metabolism and fat loss with the help of cannabidiol

Overweight and obesity is a present problem, especially in western countries. According to the Robert Koch Institute, 67% of men and 53% of women in Germany are overweight. Almost a quarter (23% of men and 24% of women) are severely obese1.

It's not just about the external appearance or the stereotypical ideal image of a slim body, but about factual health problems, physical and psychological complaints and the promotion of the development of chronic diseases in obesity. Feeling good and liking yourself in your own body, one of the most important prerequisites for a balanced life - in contrast, morbid obesity is above all a health problem and massively impairs the quality of life in every respect.

Obesity is caused by overeating: It happens when the food supply exceeds the necessary needs. Triggers are an excessive appetite, too much energy in the food, too little saturation2 or a very unbalanced diet. The need for food results from the necessary supply and consumption - if there is little physical exercise, consumption falls - this also happens with various metabolic diseases that have to be treated with medication - and leads to obesity.

In general, those affected often want to lose weight for various reasons: because they do not feel comfortable in their body, their health is at risk or their fitness is impaired - or the appearance does not fit their own aesthetic sense.. This is where cannabidiol comes into play to support the weight loss process. But how does CBD help you lose weight?

Medicinal plant cannabis: How does CBD help with weight loss?

The clinical use of cannabis in medicinal applications has been restricted due to possible effects on the central nervous system, potential for drug abuse and addiction. The resin secreted consists of a mixture of cannabinoids with two main components: delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Due to the lack of psychotropic activity, the excellent tolerability and the low potential for abuse, CBD is considered impeccable for use in clinical areas3. In addition, taking cannabidiol has a number of positive, therapeutic effects; also in connection with the desire to lose weight. CBD is therefore considered to support the weight loss process.

How does CBD help with weight loss? Through multiple areas of effect:

  1. The metabolic function is activated
  2. Fat loss is promoted
  3. Appetite and cravings are curbed

    1. Losing weight with CBD: The metabolism

    Cannabidiol has three main effects on fat stores. On the one hand, CBD stimulates genes and proteins responsible for fat loss. On the other hand, it increases the number and activity of the mitochondria. This means the body has the ability to absorb more energy. Furthermore, CBD suppresses the formation of certain proteins that are responsible for the production of new fat cells.

    It is crucial that CBD acts on the human body via the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is important in storing energy and transporting nutrients, stimulating certain regions involved in metabolism and thus promoting weight loss4.

    2. Fat Loss: Lose Weight With CBD

    CBD supports weight loss by affecting fat cells: cannabidiol blocks the formation of new fat cells and promotes the breakdown of proteins5 It also converts white fat into brown fat , which, in contrast to the former, stores energy and can be considered as an additional aspect of weight reduction.

    3. CBD as an appetite and cravings blocker

    Cannabidiol also has an appetite-inhibiting effect. The result is that the body produces more leptin. Leptin is a metabolic hormone (proteohormone) produced by fat cells. When the body takes in food, fat cells release leptin and the blood transports it to the brain. If the leptin level in the blood is high, the brain signals to the body that it does not need any more food. Leptin therefore contributes to the regulation of energy balance and inhibits feelings of hunger. A second metabolic hormone is also responsible for feelings of hunger: ghrelin regulates feelings of hunger and satiety. The hormone itself has an appetite-stimulating effect. CBD supports the

    Inhibition of ghrelin6, so that feelings of hunger appear less or even no longer noticeable.

    Losing weight with CBD also means not just relying on the active ingredient, but also knowing clearly that CBD can only help you lose weight. This means that not only cannabidiol stimulates the metabolism and ensures weight reduction. It is important to consume CBD in connection with a balanced and healthy diet and daily exercise. This is the only way it can have a supportive effect.

    CBD can therefore have a positive effect on the body. Whether in pain therapy or as support in the weight loss process. The Ellānce CBD extract in all our products is manufactured in Switzerland under the strict guidelines of the Bio Suisse seal. They are therefore 100% of biological origin. This is how our CBD oils can help you lose weight and ensure a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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