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    <tc>Would you like to strengthen your immune system?</tc>

    <tc>Our Curcuma Drops help strengthen your immune system.</tc>

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    <tc>For radiant skin - protect your cells and prevent irritation</tc>

    <tc>Our active ingredients CBD and green tea extract soothe irritated and stressed skin, regenerate and protect your cells.</tc>

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    <tc>Experience everyday life in a focused way?</tc>

    <tc>Our CBD oils can reduce and prevent inflammation and increase daytime performance.</tc>

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    What is CBD?

    What is CBD?

    CBD is a cannabinoid from the female hemp plant and is extracted from the flowers by gentle CO₂-extraction. CBD has many health-promoting properties.

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    <tc>Does CBD have a positive effect on the organism?</tc>

    <tc>Does CBD have a positive effect on the organism?</tc>

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is increasingly being used preventively due to its health-promoting properties. It is recommended for stress, pain or sleep problems and can have a positive effect on the entire organism thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect.

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    <tc>How we produce</tc>

    <tc>How we produce</tc>

    We work with established and multi-certified producers from Switzerland. Our products offer exclusive recipes and focus on effectiveness and sustainability. All CBD products are produced under the strict Bio Suisse guidelines - cultivation, product development, laboratory and sales are all from a single source.

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